Zapata lives! A Cuban Hero

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User: UncommonSenseforCuba

Cuban political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo died Feb. 23, 2010, after an 83-day hunger strike during which he demanded his captors respect his human rights. They not only ignored his demands, but they took active steps to ensure his death. However, a month later, it is clear that .


Yes we can and we did give ’em a “shellacking” ! (but we are not done yet…)

November 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

November 4th in ballot boxes across the nation, the American people sent a message to Washington: We’ve had enough!

Our Comrade in Chief, admitted he got a “shellacking”… (no worries, more to come).

Enough with reckless spending, stifling regulations, ever-rising taxes, endless debt and government takeovers! This message came through loud and clear.

These should be the five key priorities for Congress:

Now is the time to monitor the representatives we elected and make sure they follow through their promises.

Now is  NOT the time to slow down, switch the channel and start watching soap operas, reality tv or other programs that are not reporting the news ‘Fair and Balanced’.

Yes we can and we did clean up Congress and the House, now we have to work on the 2012 elections.



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