Ernesto “Che” Guevara de la Serna’s Vault

You don’t know Che

By Jose Reyes

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Do you know who the Che was? Or you wear the T-Shirt because he was a so-called “Rebel” ? Agustin Blazquez is in the process of releasing Covering Cuba No.7 where he will feature the true version of who Che really was. If there was anyone who could provide you with real facts, it would be Cubans. We have first-hand experience of this Killer who is also known as “The Butcher of La Cabaña.” Nobody can possibly tell us any different. You can learn more about Agustin Blazquez and preview this his 7th on the “Covering Cuba” series documentaries at his page on


Going to Cuba, What For?! By Paquito D’Rivera


Che Guevara was glorified in the movie “Motorcycle Diaries” as a youthful progressive worthy of emulation. In the end, Che becomes sympathetic to the message of Fidel Castro and ultimately serves in his regime as chief “executor” of all those who refuse to tow the communist line. Despite the hundreds, if not thousands of deaths he orchestrated, his image is celebrated and worn by the likes of Johnny Depp, Carlos Santana, and a worldwide multitude of uninformed youths. This song exposes the real Che and challenges those who believe that idolizing him is somehow “chic”. Celebrating Che Guevara is as repulsive as celebrating Adolf Hitler… [click for  lyrics and more]



Murdered by Che

The Useful Idiots

People executed by che (list pdf)…

Fidel’s executioner: Humberto Fontova…

The Killing Machine: Vargas Llosa…

Cuba’s current Constitution (1992)…

US-Cuba Embargo…

HRW world report on CUBA…

Note to Johnny Depp About the Real Che Guevara… entry for Che Guevara


Humberto Fontova speaking about Che on his book tour…

Che Guevara: Anatomía de un Mito (IN SPANISH)…


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