The Concept of Fatherland – Ángel Santiesteban

January 13, 2011 § Leave a comment


THE INDEPENDENCE heroes of America agreed that the continent is one Fatherland. And I felt that my love was much larger than the Island, so much so that I brushed aside other things and thought at some point that I had confused my own borders and felt I belonged everywhere. With this doubt that crushed me, the first thing I tried was to sort things out for myself, that it was really a Fatherland. What we knew as the Fatherland was the ground, the earth where we walked. Thus, the human being born on it was not a part of this Fatherland; nor were the trees, the fruits, the rivers, the animals, the flowers, the country.  So I came to the conclusion that we were no more than objects, tools, ornaments, available links for the concept of country, that we were to be used on a whim and at convenience, especially by the politicians who developed this concept in their favor. What seemed unfair to me, that the surface was not at our service, but rather the contrary; the territory had not been created for us to establish ourselves on it, to use it to our advantage, to sustain the life and survival of the most important factor: the race. Instead, we had been conceived to safeguard the borders, to be the guardians of our assigned space. And I felt uncomfortable. [more…]



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