Jaime HERRERA (WA-3) Running for Congress – 3rd Congressional District

October 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

Jaime Herrera (WA-3)

Jaime knew she wanted to be involved in politics at an early age, found her path, and stuck to it. Her commitment to small government and fiscally responsible conservative reform is what Washington’s 3rd District deserves, and Jaime will fight hard once in Congress to grow jobs and restore trust.

State Representative Jaime Herrera grew up in Southwest Washington. A Prairie High School graduate and member of the Prairie’s women’s basketball team, she also participated in activities like 4-H, fishing at Battle Ground Lake on opening day and swimming in the Lewis River. Jaime has a deep appreciation for what makes Southwest Washington special.

Jaime learned to work productively with both Republicans and Democrats on important issues. She learned the value of common sense solutions that work for people instead of partisan bickering. As Legislative Aide, Jaime helped draft proposals for Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers including a health information technology bill and an education-based competitiveness bill, both of which passed the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly.

Now, Jaime is running for Congress to replace Brian Baird in the 3rd Congressional District. She will be an effective, fresh voice for us in Congress. She will work to change direction and reverse the policies that are driving America further into debt and killing the opportunities for new job creation. Jaime states her purpose very clearly: “I will be a member of Congress more concerned with saving your money than spending your money.”

Jaime and her husband Daniel Beutler currently reside in Camas.

Jaime Herrera for Congress


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