Letter to America written by people who came from where Obama is taking America to

September 29, 2010 § 2 Comments


Source: http://letter-to-america.us/letter-to-america

Letter to America
written by people who came from where Obama is taking America to
“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism.
But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every
fragment of the socialist program, until one day America
will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened…
I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party.
The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.”
Norman Mattoon Thomas
Six times Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America.

Dear Best Country in the World!

The people whom you so generously gave a gift of freedom want to warn you about a danger we foresee in your not-so-distant future. And the name of this danger is Socialism. It often hides under different disguises. Sometime it calls itself Progressivism, sometime Liberalism. The adepts call themselves Marxists, Maoists, Che Guevarists… however usually they do not want you to know what sect of Socialism they belong to.

This letter is written and signed by the people who have firsthand experience in Socialism of all kinds, types and varieties and who didn’t like any kind or variety of it. We didn’t like it so much that at the first opportunity we packed our bags, left behind our friends, our cultures, our languages, jobs, security and ventured into the great unknown. We didn’t like the Totalitarian Socialism of the Soviet Union or the Progressive Socialism of Yugoslavia, the Vietnam Hard Socialism or the Western European Soft Socialism. Not one of them! Did you ever asked yourself why there are so many Italians, Canadians, Ukrainians, Polish, Cubans, Vietnamese, Chinese in America? The answer is simple – here is better than there.

The Soviet Union was throwing us into jails just for expressing our desire to leave, but we were demanding our freedom nevertheless. East Germany was killing us when we were climbing the walls they built to separate us, but even knowing that we might die we were choosing freedom and liberty over their social justice. Cuba was drowning us in the ocean but every night our boats were leaving their socialist paradise in the hope of reaching better life for ourselves and our families. We knew that we could end up in Vietnamese Gulags or at the Cambodian Killing Fields, but our desire to leave the nightmare of Socialism behind us was stronger even than our fear of death.

They took from us everything we had, everything that our parents and grandparents left us, but even stripped of every earthly possession, we were leaving their state-wide socialist prisons filled with joy and anticipation. Because you see, we had a Dream! We envisioned a world where we can work hard and prosper. We envisioned a world where no government, no strongman, no militia or gang could seize our possessions from us, imprison us for no reason, or kill our families on a whim. We envisioned a world where ingenuity, relentless pursuit of one’s goals, sleepless nights and hard work would earn us what we all desire – a happy and prosperous life in a secure world. America was our dream and our ideal!

Not anymore. We are afraid not anymore.

When we were celebrating holidays, during family reunions or just while dining with friends, one of us immigrants would say to the others – Let’s drink a toast to America! God Bless this country that allowed us to come and build our nests and take care of our young and old! God Bless America, we were saying to each other. This is the place where those that work hard, obey the laws, who are honest and sincere are handsomely rewarded.

Not anymore. We are afraid not anymore.

We feel unsecure again, we sense that tomorrow might bring us another Vladimir Lenin, and right after him another Joseph Stalin. What if, we are asking ourselves, a new Lenin, Mao or Hugo Chavez is already in the White House?

Socialists love to talk about the common good and proclaim their honorable intentions to make everyone equal and happy. Andrew Galambos, co-founder of the “Free Enterprise Institute” came to the conclusion that whenever governments tries to achieve its goals by social engineering, the results are just opposite of what they intended (or proclaimed) to do.

Let us say the price of tomatoes is rising, poor people can’t buy them, and a compassionate (liberal) government says “let’s control the price of tomatoes, so enabling poor people to enjoy them as well!” Very very honorable intention, righ? So the government issues a decree that the farmers must lower tomato prices… Next year, however, there are no tomatoes on the market, for neither rich nor poor. The price limit makes growing them not as profitable as growing other vegetables and farmers stopped growing tomatoes. Very few farmers will continue but will be selling them on the black market for ten times the price.

What part of this Obama doesn’t understand?

Read Letter to America in its entirety


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