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Source: thecapitalistguidebook.com

“Looking for Hugh: The Capitalist Guidebook” is an action story written for both teenagers and adults. The book is a page-turning adventure. In an easy-to-understand way it explains why capitalism produces results where other systems fail. The book is an Orwellian-type adventure of two teenagers traveling a group of fictional islands, where on each island they encounter different social and political systems. The book is highly controversial and very politically incorrect. It talks about the right and necessity to bear arms, about harms of affirmative action, illegal immigration, flaws in democracy, devastating effect of welfare, redistribution of wealth and many other burning contemporary issues.

The book is written by Leon Weinstein, an émigré from the Soviet Union who lived half of his life under a socialist regime but dreamed about capitalism. For Leon capitalism IS a love story.

Can you say it about Michael Moore and his new film “Capitalism: A Love Story”? Did Mr. Moore tell us which society he would prefer to spend the rest of his life at and which political system is better than capitalism? May be he thinks it is feudalism? Absolute monarchy? Anarchy? Theocracy? Socialism? Communism? Fascism? Which one he prefers? Leon Weinstein clearly prefers America and capitalism.

This book is a timely and great answer to Michael Moore’s of the world, to their hate of Capitalism, America and their love story with Marxism, Maoism, Fidel’ism and currently with Hugo Chavez’m.

Please visit http://thecapitalistguidebook.com/ to find more information or purchase the book.

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